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Adidas Men's Outfit

Because you're a true sneaker freak and are always looking to add the latest styles to your collection! Do you have more kicks than can fit in your closet? Are you always up to speed with the latest trends? Are you counting down the days till release dates? Then we are looking for you! Sign up now for a new look, all free in exchange for your honest opinion.
Adidas has some very cool footwear coming out... Mid-March. Meaning you can be one of the first to exclusively try out their latest sneakers. Oh, and to top it off,  you get a piece of apparel to match as well! 

The only catch? You won't know what the sneakers look like until you get them delivered to your door.

All you have to do? Sign up now, wear them as much as you can and let us know what you thought.
  • Minimalistic design
  • Supportive compression feel
  • Zoned foam pockets
  • Brand new pair of shoes and a piece of apparel
  • Exclusively for men

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