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Canary C1

This Canary C1 is an all-in-one Security Solution for your home. When you're out, its intelligent functions keep you notified via mobile alerts. Powerful home security is yours in seconds - no installation is required. Simply connect the C1 to the internet, and enjoy your weekend away knowing that Canary has got your back. Maybe you feel uneasy leaving your pets at home. Maybe you just want to check-in on the kids. With air and motion monitoring, nothing escapes Canary's notice. Sign up now to receive this camera to test for free in exchange for your honest opinion!



Product Features

This product boasts incredibly smart features. The Canary C1 learns and adapts to activity in your home, quickly discerning what is normal and what is unusual. Adjusting to your preferences and lifestyle, the Canary C1 records crisp 1080p HD video & audio. The two-way Canary Talk feature enables you to have real-time conversations with anyone at home (including the dog!) To help you breathe even easier, the Canary C1 monitors air quality , temperature and humidity. Spot someone in your home that shouldn't be? Activate the 90 + decibel siren or make an emergency call, straight from your app.


  • HD camera
  • Wireless
  • Built-in 90+ decibel Siren + Air Monitor
  • Motion Alerts
  • Real-time conversations
  • Pre-populated numbers for first responders

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