Candy Grabber

Grab the chance to be a kid again with the Gadgy Candy Grabber! A fun and great game for your kids! Not suitable for kids under 3 years!

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Product Features

Open your own little fair at home with the Gadgy Candy Grabber machine! Perfect for every child's birthday party - but also great for all adults, who have children. Power the sweet toy machine by connecting it to any USB-port with the included USB-cable! It is also possible to use three D batteries to power the game.

Play this game with music or use the mute-button and it has five different sounds to choose from. This game with its retro appearance has two joysticks to move the claw: Front, back, left, right as well as up and down. Just like at the fairground, carnival and the arcade !

Ten cool little ducks and plastic coins are included. You can also use it as a piggy bank with real (small) coins. The machine can also be used with lightweighted sweets with a rough surface.

  • USB connection or batteries
  • Music or mute
  • Two joysticks to move the claw
  • Five different melodies
  • Ducks and plasic coins included
  • Easy to fill and clean with the large back door
  • Batteries and sweets are not included
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years

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