Gadgy Grey Letterboards

Combine your best pictures with your own customized text and present your memories in your own, unique way with the felt letterboard and your own photo's that you attach using the  photoclips or photocorners! With the emoji's, letters and symbols you will have plenty of possibilities!

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Use the board for (social media) photography, share your favourite joke, express your favourite quote, display a menu or use it to welcome your guests. You can not only decorate your living room with it but it is also suitable for an office, bar, restaurant, store or to take with you to take very original pictures with it! It's a great idea for a gift. You can hang the board directly on a wall using the sawtooth hangers. We have 2 sizes available: 10x10” inch and 12x18” inch

  • Complete Set
  • Create A Story
  • Easy To Display
  • High Quality Board
  • Many Applications
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