Mill Convection

Brace yourself for winter. With the Mill Convection Heater you can not only complement your modern home but also keep your family warm.

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Our community has tested the Mill Convection SG2000LED - UK and gives a rating of 3,8 out of 5
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Mill Convection SG2000LED is a more premium model in the Mill Convection series. The preferred heating technology in a cold climate like Norway is the convection principle. Cold air flows through the heating element. Hot air rises and expands rapidly, making room for cold air to come through. This heating principle combined with the wire heating element heats the room rapidly.

This model is a perfect extra heating source for those cold Winter days due to its 2000W output, silent operation and fan for more rapid heat distribution.

Mill is aspired by typical modern Scandinavian interior trends and its Nordic heritage. The minimalistic curved shape as well as black and white colors has become a distinct and popular design icon. The discreet shape and angle of its high quality aluminium foot makes the heater appear to be hovering over the floor.

Mill Convection SG2000LED comes with en electronic thermostat and LED display.

  • Scandinavian, minimalistic design
  • Nordic heritage - designed and developed for a cold climate
  • Silent operation
  • Efficient and rapid heat - perfect for rooms needing instant heat
  • Fan for more rapid heat distribution
  • Safety features: tip over switch (turns off if tips over), over-heat protection (turns off if over-heated)
  • Recommended room size is 5-20m2
  • 3 effect levels (750/1250/2000W)
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Our community has tested the Mill Convection SG2000LED - UK and gives a rating of 3.8 out of 5

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3.8 out of 2 Reviews

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