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Present you and your business with maximum professionalism, as you utilise this high-performance webcams ultra-precise optics. With outstanding clarity and vibrant colour reproductions your clients and colleagues will know instantly that you’ve made the effort to enhance their online communication experience, aiding in creating a much more authentic conversation, reminiscent of face-to-face communication. Automatic low light compensation also helps to ensure you always look your best, regardless of how your background environment looks. 
  • Exceptional Camera Optics: Optimized for video conferencing, always professional. Full 1080p HD quality that can zoom in up to 4x (digital) to frame you just right.
  • Small and Mobile: Take it wherever you need to make video calls with small, rugged design. A built in directional microphone focuses on your voice, not distracting noises.
  • Field of View: Maintain proper light exposure, be seen in darker rooms with automatic low-light technology - clearly be seen with brilliant colors designed to show you at your best. Optimized to show you and not too much of your surroundings.
  • Compatibility: Enhance security & privacy by ensuring you are in control of your video with the integrated privacy shutter. All-in-one USB ports - your headset or speakerphone connects to the wireless adapter directly to the webcam. Integrated USB-A cabl
  • Make life simple: easy to use, setup, manage and troubleshoo
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