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 PRO Discover 12-degree Handlebar
The PRO Discover Medium Flare Handlebar is a gravel specific handlebar with a 12-degree flare, to provide the optimal riding position for long gravel rides. Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Discover Medium Flare Handlebar is PRO’s gravel handlebar for long gravel rides. Their compact drops feature a 12-degree flare, which provide a wide and stable riding position, while the ergonomically shaped top section allows for a second, exceptionally comfortable, hand position. They are constructed form rigid AL-6066 alloy and boast Shimano Di2 integration as well as semi-internal cable routing. Available in 40-, 42- and 44-centimetre widths they have a 31.8-millimetre clamping diameter and a weight of 255 grams for the 40-centimetre-wide versions.
PRO Gravel Comfort Tape
The PRO Gravel Comfort Tape is a gravel specific handlebar tape optimised for the PRO Discover range of gravel handlebars. It is extra-long, at 230-millimetres per role, and provides both exceptional grip and comfort.
At 2300mm long and 3mm thick, the PRO Gravel Extra Long Comfort Handlebar Tape is perfect for close wrapping to taking the sting out of rough tracks and trails. The silicone backing makes wrapping them neatly straightforward and the subtle camo colour scheme adds a classy touch.
  • PRO Gravel Comfort Tape
  • Provides both grip and comfort
  • Extra-long for close wrapping
  • Smart silicone adhesive back (easy to replace)
  • 3mm thickness | Length: 230mm
  • PRO Discover 12-degree Handlebar
  • Provides the optimal position for gravel riding
  • Compact shape to the drops
  • AL-6066 construction
  • Sizes: 42 width | 31.8mm clamping diameter | Weight: From 255g
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