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PRO Tharsis 3Five Carbon Rise Handlebar
The PRO Tharsis 3Five Carbon Rise Handlebars are mountain bike bars designed to be lightweight and durable, while providing exceptional control. Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Tharsis 3Five Carbon Rise Handlebars are built from UD carbon to be lightweight but durable. They provide exceptional control through the combination of their oversized 35-millimetre clamping diameter, 800-millimetre width and 20-millimetre rise. Further comfort and control are provided by their 9-degree backsweep and 4-degree upsweep.
PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle
Building on the success of their road range, PRO has made the gravel oriented Stealth Offroad Saddle. It has been created for fast off-road riding with a C TEC bridge rail mount for better compliance and pressure-relieving centre cut out that allows for an aggressive position to be maintained for longer. The saddle has variable thickness padding for lightweight comfort and reinforced material at the rear to better cope with abrasions from mud and dirt.
  • PRO Tharsis 3Five Carbon Rise Handlebar
  • Provide the perfect blend of lightweight construction with durability and control
  • Cutable design, with clearly indicated cutting marks to customise the width
  • UD carbon construction | Tuned for compliance
  • Weight: 198g | Rise: 20mm | Width: 800mm
  • PRO Stealth Offroad Saddle
  • Designed for mountain- and gravel- bike racing
  • Features a C-Tech bridge mount
  • Base: inmoulded carbon reinforced polymer
  • Weight: from 195g
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