Silk’n Tightra

Looking to regain confidence in your feminine area? The Silk’n Tightra is a revolutionary intimate health device for women that aims to help tighten and firm the vagina.

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Experiences such as childbirth and ageing can lead to loss of sensitivity and loosening of your most intimate area. Such loss can have a huge impact on your sex life and your confidence. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency is a technology that has been used by doctors in replacement of invasive surgery for years. Instead, Silk’n Tightra allows you to be able to treat your most intimate area yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The Silk’n Tightra uses Bi-Polar Radio Frequency, a technology known for its tightening and firming effects. The technology works by renewing the skin inside the vagina, increasing blood flow and encouraging new Elastin and Collagen fibres to be created. Shaped like a spatula, it contains 16 gold and chrome electrodes that have been specifically created for internal use.

The results? A tightened pelvic floor and a firmer labia. If used correctly, you can expect to see results in just x8, 20 minute treatments.


  • Intimate health device for women
  • Aims to tighten internally and externally
  • Utilises Bi-Polar Radio Frequency technology
  • Improves sensation in the intimate female area
  • Helps to prevent incontinence
  • Noticeable results in just 3 to 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week of 20 minutes
  • Safe and painless to use
  • Non-invasive, without a recovery period
  • Tightens and firms the vagina and pelvic floor muscles
  • Clinically tested
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