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Where can I post my reviews?

Reviewclub will send instructions to your email inbox on where to write your reviews. Stay on the look out!

I have written my review but it is does not show on the website, what can I do?

If you are certain the review should show up e.g. because the website sent you a message confirming the review was posted, then by all means contact the website and ask for support. Reviewclub does not get involved directly, as we do not want to be an intermediary between your honest opinion and the website where you will be posting it.

Can I post negative reviews?

We care about your findings, so: yes. A review is only helpful when it reflects your honest opinion, whether positive or negative. Just make sure you explain clearly why you're not satisfied about the product, so other people can learn from it. No bashing please!

I don’t have an account on the website where I am asked to post a review, should I create one or can I skip writing the review?

Please create an account as we don't want to miss out on your reviews. It's free and as long as you don't sign up for the newsletters, your inbox won't suffer from it.

The website where I want to post my review shows an error - What can I do?

Please try to use a different browser. If you tried to review on a mobile device and that didn't work please try to use a laptop / desktop computer.
If it's still not possible then please try to contact the retailer directly.