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The best review recipe...

So what are the ingredients of a superb review? We think 150 words is the perfect size, and the more original you are, the more helpful your review will be for other consumers! Need a bit more focus? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Why did you want to test this product?
  • What did you expect? Did the product live up to this?
  • How did you use the product in your daily life?
  • The design: yay or nay?
  • Was it easy to assemble and a piece of cake to use?
  • What are your favourite features?
  • What are the drawbacks?
  • Would you recommend the product to friends and family?

What happens if I don’t write my reviews?

We would remind you about it by email or phone, because we assume your busy schedule probably made you forget to post your reviews. Otherwise: karma will find you.

Can I test the product for more than four weeks?

Usually not. We believe that four weeks is long enough to get a good impression of the product. If the product does need more time to be tested, we will let you know beforehand.

Where can I post my reviews?

Reviewclub will send instructions to your email inbox on where to write your reviews. Stay on the look out!

I don’t have an account on the website where I am asked to post a review, should I create one or can I skip writing the review?

Please create an account as we don't want to miss out on your reviews. It's free and as long as you don't sign up for the newsletters, your inbox won't suffer from it.

The website where I posted my review has contacted me, should I be concerned?

There is no reason to be concerned. Be open about your Reviewclub membership and the fact that we have placed a product at your disposal for testing in exchange for your honest opinion. If they still have questions you can contact us.

I don’t know which username/nickname I used to write my review anymore, what now?

Generally you should receive an email from the website confirming your review has been posted. Please have a look at the content of those communications. Otherwise stay tuned until your review has been submitted. Depending on the website this can take up to 1-5 days.

Can I mention Reviewclub in my reviews?

Please try to focus on the product and the experience while writing your review. 

I need more time for testing, can I extend the testing period?

Part of our terms and conditions is that you return the product after four weeks, as soon as we request you to. Please contact our support team and ask if it's possible to extend the testing period and delay the posting of your reviews.

I received a reminder for writing my reviews but I already wrote my reviews, what should I do?

It is possible we did not see your review on the website where you posted it. If the review is already there then you can simply reply to the reminder email with the username/alias you used for your review.

Can I write the same review on all the websites?

Unfortunately not. If you do this, your review becomes unvaluable to us. We understand it's hard to write 2-4 unique reviews about the same product, and we're not asking you to change your sentiment, but try to describe your experience from different angles, choose specific features you want to write about or compare first impression to latest impression. You can do it!

I have written my review but it is does not show on the website, what can I do?

If you are certain the review should show up e.g. because the website sent you a message confirming the review was posted, then by all means contact the website and ask for support. Reviewclub does not get involved directly, as we do not want to be an intermediary between your honest opinion and the website where you will be posting it.

Can I write my reviews sooner than expected?

If you think you have enough information for a solid review and you know where to post it, then the answer is 'yes'! However we recommend to wait a week before posting. Feel free to keep notes as you enjoy the product so you can be sure not to forget any of your observations.

Can I write less than 150 words for a review?

Honestly, we don't think you can. There's so much to tell about the product and the way you've experienced it. From design to usability, the role it plays in your daily routines, the best and worst features, whether you would recommend it to your friends and family, what would you compliment the product with, the value you give to it, OMG we can't stop! Anything under 150 words just doesn't do justice to the product...

Can I post my review on my blog or different websites?

We invite you to first share your review on the websites that Reviewclub indicates, but feel free to continue sharing on as many websites as you like, as long as you change the wording and don't duplicate your story.

Can I write my reviews anonymously?

Reviewclub believes in transparency. The more openly you share your experience, the more trust you will earn from your readers. We strongly advise you to show your username or nickname. If you do write anonymously on a website, please be sure to let us know a way of identifying your review.

I am short of time to test and write reviews, can I write the reviews at a later time?

We understand that things don't always go according to plan, and we prefer a thorough review over a superficial review. So if you need more time, please call us on (+44) (0)20 35147149 or email to

How many reviews do I have to write?

We generally ask you to write between 2 and 4 reviews. Once you start testing a product, you will receive an email about it in your inbox.

Can I post negative reviews?

We care about your findings, so: yes. A review is only helpful when it reflects your honest opinion, whether positive or negative. Just make sure you explain clearly why you're not satisfied about the product, so other people can learn from it. No bashing please!

Will my reviews be moderated before being posted?

Reviewclub does not moderate any content, not even a typo. You can post your review directly on the websites without any interference from us. However, some form of moderation might occur on the websites, so please read its terms and conditions to find out more.

Can I post pictures with my reviews?

That would be great! Pictures add great value to your review and can illustrate the use of the product. Just make sure you follow the content guidelines of the websites where you will post them.